Addison Lasik Eye Surgery

Are you tired of fooling around with glasses or contacts? If so, you are going to want to speak to the Lasik and Laser eye surgery specialists at Vision One Lasik Center. As a private Lasik eye surgery practice with four convenient locations throughout the region, Vision One Lasik Center provides patients with the kind of exceptional service and personal attention that cannot be duplicated in a Lasik chain franchise. If you are looking for more convincing evidence of why you want to select Vision One Lasik Center, you should know that: Vision One Lasik Center is a private practice; Vision One Lasik Center is NOT a Lasik chain franchise; Dr. Burger has helped more patients see 20/20 than any other Illinois Lasik surgeon; Vision One Lasik Center has the lowest fees of any Illinois Lasik Center; and At Vision One Lasik Center, you receive total care from a doctor NOT a technician! Lately, Addison residents have been scheduling consultations with us to learn more about the benefits of Lasik eye surgery. Addison, Illinois is in DuPage County 18 miles west of Downtown Addison. Addison has a population of 36,942 residents with about 12,000 different households and more than 9,000 family households. It has a median household income of around $54,000 and a median family income of about $59,000. Many Addison residents are in need to Lasik surgery to enhance their vision. Vision One Lasik Center has already helped hundreds of Addison citizens improve their eyesight, and they know that Vision One Lasik Center is a name they can rely upon. Furthermore, they realize that our fees for Lasik eye surgery services are both reasonable and affordable. Vision One Lasik Center offers each prospective patient a FREE consultation. We encourage our Addison patients to bring us their questions about Lasik surgery and Laser eye surgery procedures to their free consultation so we can provide them with precise and unambiguous answers. They are never far from a Vision One Lasik Center facility in Addison. Addison is between four and five miles away from Vision One Lasik Center’s Lombard location and your FREE Lasik eye surgery consultation.

Addison Lasik Eye Surgery Centers

You can count on our Lasik eye surgery specialists – Drs. Martin Burger, William Brand and Jason Brand to make sure your experience with Vision One Lasik Center is a pleasant one. Dr. Burger, has singlehandedly performed over 60,000 Lasik eye procedures and is recognized as one of the most experienced Lasik surgeons in the state. Lasik eye surgery has become an efficient procedure on an outpatient basis that is able to correct a variety of vision problems from nearsightedness, farsightedness to astigmatisms. When it comes down to Lasik eye surgery, you are definitely going to want to choose the Lasik eye facility with the best performance record like Vision One Lasik Center. We are the Lasik facility you can trust with your vision. At Vision One Lasik Center, we will provide you with a fee schedule that our patients find fair and cost effective. Also, we are able to offer patients financing with no money down and monthly payment as low as $49! It is also very easy to be pre-approved, so if you are ready to leave your contacts and glasses behind and move ahead with Lasik surgery, give us a call today!
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