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Des Plaines Lasik Eye Surgery

If you are ready to cast aside your glasses and contact lenses and check out the prospect of having Lasik eye surgery, you are going to want to see the professionals at Vision One Lasik Center. We have the know-how and experience to set you free of all corrective eyewear! Vision One Lasik Center is recognized as Chicagoland’s premier Lasik eye surgery facility. We actually have four convenient locations – three in the region: the Chicago Loop, Lombard and Arlington Heights. We offer a FREE consultation to all our residents who are considering Lasik surgery. When you come in to Vision One Lasik Center, you will confer with one of our three Lasik eye specialists – Dr. Martin Burger, William Brand or Jason Brand. We promise that they will assure that your Lasik eye experience is the best imaginable. Dr. Burger’s reputation is exemplary. He is touted as one of the finest and most experienced Illinois Lasik eye surgeons. IN fact, Dr. Burger is credited for performing in excess of 60,000 Lasik procedures and recognized as returning more persons’ visual acuity to 20/20 than any other Illinois surgeon. Not surprising that so many of our Des Plaines residents are eager to come into our facility for our outstanding Lasik surgery procedures. Many have been calling us for appointments.

Des Plaines Lasik Eye Surgery Centers

Des Plaines, Illinois is located 18 miles northwest of the Chicago Loop in Cook County. A large portion of the village’s population lives outside the city limits in unincorporated areas. There are approximately 60,000 residents, with more than 22,000 total households, and over 15,000 family households. The median household income in Des Plaines is almost $54,000 and the median family income is close to $66,000. Des Plaines also has a median home value of nearly $175,000. The Village of Des Plaines is named for the Des Plaines River that flows through the community. Des Plaines is a French name, which means “of the plains.” The town has adopted the nickname of “City of Destiny.” Following WWII, there was an active period of growth in Des Plaines. Today, Des Plaines continues to be a forward moving community. A number of Des Plaines citizens have been considering coming to Vision One Lasik Center for our Lasik eye surgery. They have read about Lasik surgery and want to discuss the procedure with one of our doctors to learn more about whether they are suitable candidates for surgery,

Many individuals want to know whether there are risks to Lasik surgery. Although there are risks to all surgeries, it is important to note that Lasik eye surgery is considered to be one of the most frequently performed procedures in the country and one of the safest. When you come into Vision One Lasik Center, you can rely upon our doctors to inform you about all the aspects of Lasik eye surgery from the initial consultation to your pre-operational examination to the actual Lasik surgery procedure and then to the post-operative visits. You will be able to ask any questions that you have regarding the procedure, as well as bring up your concerns about having the Lasik surgery. We believe that our patients should be educated and well-informed about what to expect. That way there won’t be any surprises and we believe an informed patient is an empowered patient. To learn more about Lasik eye surgery, call Vision One Lasik Center today for an appointment.

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