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If you have ever lost your glasses or a contact lens, you know what a hassle it can be. The best solution to never having to replace lost glasses or contacts is Lasik surgery by Vision One Lasik Center. We are regarded as being the premiere private Lasik surgery facility in the Chicago region. When you visit one of Vision One Lasik Center’s four offices in the region, you will meet with one of our three doctors – never with a clerk or technician. That way, you can ask the doctors about your upcoming Lasik surgery or Laser surgery and get a straight forward answer. That’s the beauty of coming to a privately operated surgical facility like Vision One Lasik Center and not going to a Lasik franchise facility. With Vision One Lasik Center, we will ensure that you receive a positive Lasik experience. In fact, you will be pleased to learn that in addition to our fees being very reasonable and affordable; your initial consultation with Vision One Lasik Center is free. We have quite a lot of patients from Elmhurst who have elected to have our Lasik surgery in our Lombard facility. If you live in Elmhurst and are thinking about having Lasik surgery, why not come in to see us about a free consultation?

Elmhurst Lasik Eye Surgery Centers

Elmhurst, Illinois is located 16 miles from the Chicago Loop in both DuPage and Cook Counties. Elmhurst is recognized as a wonderful place to live and raise a family. Recently, Elmhurst was awarded the top spot out of 192 suburbs as the “Quintessential Chicago suburb – pretty, safe and alive with cultural offerings” by Chicago Magazine. There are more than 46,000 residents in Elmhurst with about 16,000 households and over 11,000 family households. The median household income in Elmhurst is around $82,000 and the median family income is nearly $100,000. About half of Elmhurst’s residents have graduated from a four-year college or university or hold a graduate degree. Elmhurst College is located here, and it ranks in the top tier of Midwestern liberal arts colleges in the annual survey by U.S. News and World Report. More than 90% of the faculty holds the highest degree possible in their fields. The Princeton Review also lists Elmhurst College among the best in the Midwest, citing its “excellent” internships, “gorgeous” campus and “intimate academic experience.” Elmhurst residents are smart and savvy. That’s why they want to cast their eyeglasses and contacts aside and have Lasik surgery at Vision One Lasik Center!

Lasik eye surgery can change your life! After having Lasik surgery or laser surgery, you will be amazed at just how clearly you will be able to see. It is known that many patients actually achieve 20/20 vision or better! One of the best things about having Lasik surgery is that you will be liberated from having to wear contacts or corrective eyeglasses. This is particularly beneficial if you are involved in any activities where you couldn’t get along without corrective lenses. Many people who play sports feel more confident after having Lasik surgery. They often report they can see much better after Lasik surgery than they could when wearing contacts or glasses. Lasik surgery saves you money. You’ll never have to replace lost glasses or contacts, and you’ll never have to buy new glasses to keep up with the latest fashions. To learn more about Vision One Lasik Center’s Lasik surgery, call today. You can count on our doctors to provide you with professional attention from your initial consultation to your post-op follow-up!

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