Glendale Heights Lasik Eye Surgery

Vision One Lasik Center is recognized for its unparalleled care of handling of its patients throughout the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area who come to our clinic for Lasik eye surgery. All of our patients understand that our professional team is totally committed to ensuring their laser eye surgery is the best ever. Furthermore, Vision One Lasik Center is the preferred choice of Chicagoland patients because:

  • Vision One Lasik Center is a private practice; NOT a Lasik eye surgery chain;
  • Patients prefer Vision One Lasik Center to corporate chains for their Lasik surgery;
  • Vision One Lasik Center NEVER participates in the deceptive practice of low-price bait and switch;
  • Vision One Lasik Center NEVER inflates their Lasik eye surgery cost, nor do they rip-off patients by offering multiple surgery packages; and
  • Vision One Lasik Center believes its patients deserve affordable Lasik surgery from a local private practice.
  • As a result, whenever Glendale Heights residents are planning on having Lasik eye surgery, the only name they need to know is Vision One Lasik Center.

    Glendale Heights Lasik

    Glendale Heights, Illinois is in Du Page County and has about 35,000 residents. Vision One Lasik Center has three facilities: Arlington Heights, Chicago and Lombard. Our nearest clinic is in Lombard and is less than six miles southeast of Glendale Heights at 320 West Roosevelt Road. Glendale Heights patients realize that when they come to Vision One Lasik Center they will be treated by the most qualified professionals who provide the exceptional care they deserve. Glendale Heights patients know that our Lasik surgeons and staff will guide them through all steps of their Lasik procedure to ensure they know what to expect before, during and after their Lasik surgery. In fact, we recommend that Glendale Heights patients make a list of any questions and concerns they may have so we can address them during your first consultation.

    Glendale Heights Lasik Eye Surgery Cost

    Vision One Lasik Center is fortunate to have three of the highest skilled doctors performing Lasik eye surgery in our clinics. Dr. Martin E. Burger is distinguished as treating more patients than any other Lasik surgeon in Illinois and for performing over 60,000 Lasik eye surgery procedures. Dr. William B. Brand brings with him more than 20 years of experience in the area of refractive surgery, whereas, Dr. Jason E. Brand was named a Top Optometrist by the American Optometric Association for the 2004-2005 year. What’s more, patients can count on Vision One Lasik Center to not only meet all of their expectations, but to frequently exceed them! To learn more about our available financing for Lasik eye surgery cost or to schedule a FREE consultation, call Vision One Lasik Center, today, at: (630) 629-5367.

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