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Oak Brook Lasik Eye Surgery

If you are tired of relying upon corrective eyewear in order to see, you just may want to check out the benefits of having Lasik eye surgery at Vision One Lasik Center. We are recognized as the premiere Lasik and Laser eye facility within the Chicagoland region. Many of our patients report dramatic advantages to having our Lasik eye surgery. They often indicate that Lasik surgery has been a life altering experience for them. They had been hiding behind glasses for so many years, and now that they have emerged from behind those glasses, they have discovered a renewed sense of self-confidence. Often Vision One Lasik Center’s patients tell us that their social lives have improved and that their professional lives have also been enhanced! Not only do they think they look better; but because of that, they actually do feel better! Vision One Lasik Center’s Lasik surgery and laser surgery options are also reasonably priced and affordable. Although the initial cost is more than what you would ordinarily spend on glasses or contacts, you will discover that Lasik eye surgery will provide you with considerable savings in the future because it will eliminate the expense of purchasing contacts and glasses each time styles change or your prescription changes. Recently, many Oak Brook residents have been scheduling their free consultations with Vision One Lasik Center’s offices to find out more about our Lasik surgery procedure.

Oak Brook Lasik Eye Surgery Centers

Oak Brook, Illinois is located about 15 miles west of the Chicago Loop in DuPage and Cook Counties. Even though many Oak Brook residents drive into the City of Chicago to their jobs, Oak Brook is actually the home of many corporate offices. The headquarters for McDonald’s and Lions Clubs International are located in Oak Brook. Some of the other corporate businesses are: Ace Hardware, Blistex, Dominick’s, Newel Rubbermaid, Papermate and Sharpie. Also, some of the land that was acquired when the Village first incorporated in 1958 was developed into what is now Oakbrook Center, the popular shopping mall that opened in 1962. There are 7,883 residents in Oak Brook with 3,188 households and a median family income of $169,718. The median home value in Oak Brook is $635.400. Quite a number of Oak Brook residents have had Lasik surgery at Vision One Lasik Center’s Lombard facility a little more than 7 miles away. They report really enjoying their new found freedom from their corrective eyewear. Most also reveal that they have better visual acuity than they had previously with glasses or contact lenses. Truly, these are classic examples of how Vision One Lasik Center’s Lasik surgery has transformed the lives of residents in Oak Brook!

It isn’t unusual for our patients to experience 20/20 vision after their Lasik eye surgery. Further, for people who are sports oriented, freedom from glasses and contacts can mean that many sports activities are more enjoyable without the aggravation of corrective eyewear. When you stop by our facilities for your free consultation, you will have the pleasure of making the acquaintance of one of our three Vision One Lasik Center’s doctors – never any other staff person than a doctor! Besides that, Vision One Lasik Center is not a chain franchise. That means a great deal to our patients, and it should. You’re not just another “one-size-fits-all” patient.
To learn more about Lasik eye surgery, call Vision One Lasik Center today for an appointment.

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