Schaumburg Lasik Eye Surgery

Are you prepared to trust your vision to a franchise chain? Of course not! That’s why you have decided to check out Vision One Lasik Center. We are hailed as Chicagoland’s leading Lasik eye surgery facility in the region. We are different than our competitors. That’s because :

Vision One Lasik Center is a private practice;
Vision One Lasik Center is NOT a Lasik chain franchise;
Dr. Burger has helped more patients see 20/20 than any other Illinois Lasik surgeon;
Vision One Lasik Center has the lowest fees of any Illinois Lasik Center; and
At Vision One Lasik Center, you receive total care from a doctor NOT a technician!
At the present, Lasik eye surgery is one of the most commonly performed procedures in North America. When you make an appointment to come in for your FREE initial consultation, we will explain all the potential risks that you may face with Lasik eye surgery. Further, Vision One Lasik Center will also counsel you in just how safe the Lasik eye surgery procedure is. In addition, we are going to make sure that every precaution is taken in order to lessen any risks to you. These are just some of the reasons our Schaumburg residents choose us over the competition. They appreciate our straightforward approach to educating our potential patients.

Schaumburg Lasik Eye Surgery Centers

Schaumburg, Illinois is 30 miles northwest of Chicago in Cook County. There are over 74,000 residents in Schaumburg with around 32,000 households and nearly 20,000 family households. Originally known as “Sarah’s Grove,” and named after three young women who lived adjacent to the grove: Sarah McChesney, Sarah Frisbe and Sarah Smith. In 1850, during a Township meeting, the name was changed to Schaumburg after a locale in Germany where most of the township’s settlers had originated. The community expanded and the top employers in the village are: Motorola, Woodfield Mall, Zurich, School District 54, IBM, Genworth Financial, Comcast and Verizon Wireless. Schaumburg possesses a relatively high standard of living. Recently, many Schaumburg residents have shown an interest in having Lasik eye surgery, and they have contacted Vision One Lasik Center. We have three top-notch doctors who are highly educated and trained individuals. You will be able to meet with one of them during your initial FREE consultation . Furthermore, we have four convenient Illinois locations for our patients. In addition, our patients find our fees to be very competitive and fair.

Vision One Lasik Center provides our patients with 0% financing for two years, with no money down. The cost of Lasik eye surgery per eye is usually right around $1,900 – none higher! Also, most patients qualify for financial approval and have payments for as low as $49 per month. Vision One Lasik Center includes all the pre-op examination, the Lasik eye procedure and the post –op visits and all medications in these fees. We even offer an enhancement warranty. If you are in the market to get rid of your corrective eyewear one and for all, now is the time to contact the professional team at our privately owned and operated Vision One Lasik Center for a consultation. Be sure and write down all your questions and concerns for our doctors to address. Once you meet with us and after you have your Lasik eye surgery, you will be glad you did!

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