Streamwood Lasik Eye Surgery

Vision One Lasik Center is a leading Lasik eye surgery center for patients all across the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area. Our team of professionals is distinguished for improving countless patients’ lives with our remarkable Lasik surgery. Patients consistently choose Vision One Lasik Center for their Lasik procedures because:

  • Vision One Lasik Center is a private practice; NOT a Lasik eye surgery chain;
  • Patients prefer Vision One Lasik Center to corporate chains for their Lasik surgery;
  • Vision One Lasik Center NEVER participates in the deceptive practice of low-price bait and switch;
  • Vision One Lasik Center NEVER inflates their Lasik eye surgery cost, nor do they rip-off patients by offering multiple surgery packages; and
  • Vision One Lasik Center believes its patients deserve affordable Lasik surgery from a local private practice.
  • Therefore, whenever our Streamwood neighbors are considering having Lasik eye surgery, the only name they need to know is Vision One Lasik Center.

    Streamwood Lasik

    Streamwood, Illinois has over 40,000 residents and is in Cook County. Vision One Lasik Center has three separate locations in Arlington Heights, Chicago and Lombard. The nearest Lasik eye facility is in Arlington Heights and is about 12 miles east of Streamwood at 1794 South Arlington Heights Road. Vision One Lasik Center is celebrated for delivering the specific, individualized care they require. Furthermore, our Lasik eye surgeons are known for helping Streamwood laser eye surgery patients navigate all phases of their Lasik eye surgery, as well as advising them of any possible risks and side effects. We also recommend Streamwood patients write down any questions or concerns they may have prior to the initial consultation.

    Streamwood Lasik Eye Surgery Cost

    Vision One Lasik Center is pleased to have three exceptional and highly-skilled Lasik eye surgeons in our three clinics – Drs. Martin E. Burger, William B. Brand and Jason E. Brand. Dr. Burger is renowned for conducting more than 60,000 Lasik surgeries and successfully treating more patients in Illinois than any other Lasik surgeon. Dr. William Brand is recognized for having over 20 years of experience in refractive surgery, and the American Optometric Association named Dr. Jason Brand as a Top Optometrist in 2004-2005. For your FREE consultation and for information about our available financing, call Vision One Lasik Center at: (847) 640-1211, today.

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