Wheaton Lasik Eye Surgery

The benefits of having Lasik eye surgery are many. We, at Vision One Lasik Center, have been restoring patients’ vision to near perfection with our successful Lasik surgery procedures. One of the biggest benefits of Lasik eye surgery is that most patients will never again have to wear corrective lenses or glasses. Furthermore, not having to wear corrective eyewear is a big boost to most individuals’ self-esteem, since most people don’t care much for the way they look wearing glasses. A lot of people are interested in what makes Vision One Lasik Center to favorite choice of so many candidates for Lasik eye surgery? The reasons for choosing us include the following:

Vision One Lasik Center is a private practice;
Vision One Lasik Center is NOT a Lasik chain franchise;
Dr. Burger has helped more patients see 20/20 than any other Illinois Lasik surgeon;
Vision One Lasik Center has the lowest fees of any Illinois Lasik Center; and
At Vision One Lasik Center, you receive total care from a doctor NOT a technician!
When Wheaton residents come in to Vision One Lasik Center for a free consultation, they are seen only by one of our three doctors, never by our clerks or technicians.

Wheaton Lasik Eye Surgery Centers

Wheaton, Illinois is an affluent community located in DuPage County about 25 miles west of Chicago and Lake Michigan. Wheaton has a total population of nearly 52,894 with nearly 20,000 households and close to 14,000 family households. The median family income in Wheaton is almost $114,000, and the median home price of around $340,000. Wheaton was named by CNNMoney.com as being among the “Top 25 Highest Earning Towns” in 2012. During the last 15 years, the Wheaton Park District has been awarded the National Gold Medal for Excellence from the National Park & Recreation Association. Also, USA WEEKEND magazine presented Wheaton the “2011 National Make a Difference Day City Award.” Wheaton was recognized as one of three communities nationwide to receive the award for its participation in “Make a Difference Day.” From 1986 to 2011, the National Arbor Day Foundation has named Wheaton a “Tree City USA” because of its high-quality tree program. Wheaton also earned a spot as “No. 54” on Money Magazine’s “National List of Best Places to Live” in 2008. Many Wheaton residents have shown an interest in Vision One Lasik Center’s Lasik vision correction to improve their vision acuity because they currently surfer from nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism.

You will be pleasantly surprised to learn that Vision One Lasik Center provides its patients with a fee schedule that is fair and affordable. Further, we can offer patient financing that is 0% for 2 years and as low as $49/month after that. In fact, the majority of Vision One Lasik Center’s patients pay $1,900 per eye, and as a privately owned and operated facility, our costs include the pre-operation examination, the Lasik eye surgery procedure and all the post-operative visits. Our doctors are the finest in the field of Lasik surgical care. They possess the kind of expertise, knowledge and credentials that you would expect from a facility such as Vision One Lasik Center. In order to schedule an appointment at Vision One Lasik Center, call us today.

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