Wheeling Lasik Eye Surgery

Residents throughout the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area understand that the Vision One Lasik Center team is wholly committed to delivering the finest Lasik eye surgery to their patients. It is well-known that more Chicagoans are on record for trusting their vision to Vision One Lasik Center, and here is why:

  • Vision One Lasik Center is a private practice; NOT a Lasik eye surgery chain;
  • Patients prefer Vision One Lasik Center to corporate chains for their Lasik surgery;
  • Vision One Lasik Center NEVER participates in the deceptive practice of low-price bait and switch;
  • Vision One Lasik Center NEVER inflates their Lasik eye surgery cost, nor do they rip-off patients by offering multiple surgery packages; and
  • Vision One Lasik Center believes its patients deserve affordable Lasik surgery from a local private practice.
  • Consequently, whenever our Wheeling neighbors are contemplating having Lasik eye surgery, Vision One Lasik Center is the only name they need to know.

    Wheeling Lasik

    Wheeling, Illinois has more than 38,000 residents and is primarily in Cook County with a small portion in Lake County. Vision One Lasik Center has three locations: Arlington Heights, Chicago and Lombard. Our closest facility is in Arlington Heights and is less than nine miles south of Wheeling at 1794 South Arlington Heights Road. Wheeling patients are well-aware that Vision One Lasik Center has the most sophisticated professionals who can be counted on to deliver the personalized and compassionate care they deserve. Our doctors are renowned for patiently taking all the time necessary to advise prospective laser eye surgery patients from Wheeling of what they can expect pre- and post-op Lasik eye surgery, as well as discussing any potential risks and side effects. They also encourage Wheeling patients to be proactive and write down any questions and concerns they may have prior to their initial consultation.

    Wheeling Lasik Eye Surgery Cost

    What’s more, Vision One Lasik Center is very fortunate to have three of the most outstanding and dedicated doctors performing Lasik eye surgery in our clinics. Dr. Martin E. Burger is recognized as being one of the most experienced leaders in the field of Lasik surgery, who has conducted over 60,000 Lasik procedures and has successfully treated more Illinois patients than any other Lasik surgeon in the state. Furthermore, Dr. William B. Brand joins Dr. Burger and brings more than 20 years of expertise in the field of refractive surgery. Also, Dr. Jason E. Brand, fills out the team of Doctors of Optometry at Vision One Lasik Center. In 2004-2005, the American Optometric Association named Dr. Jason Brand one of the country’s Top Optometrists. You can rely on the Vision One Lasik Center’s experts to not only meet all of your expectations, but to regularly exceed them! For a FREE consultation and to learn about available financing for your Lasik eye surgery cost, call Vision One Lasik Center, today, at: (847) 640-1211.

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